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Dec 24, 2021

NanFu Battery is one of the most powerful alkaline battery manufacturers in the world, and it has cooperated with many companies. We not only provide alkaline batteries with good performance and quality, but also accept mass customization services, which is a true source of alkaline battery manufacturers.

NanFu produces different models and levels of alkaline batteries, which can accurately meet the battery needs of different electrical appliances. Before providing you with batteries, we will conduct professional tests to ensure that the batteries best meet your needs.

The battery production equipment has achieved process automation. All the equipment is the world’s advanced manufacturing equipment. It has a very high control on the accuracy of battery production, which greatly reduces the defect rate caused by manual operation and provides customers with stable quality alkaline batteries.

We have an experienced and professional leadership team, each of whom has more than 20 years of experience in the battery field, including management, customer service, R&D and manufacturing. This makes us confident to provide high-level alkaline battery OEM and ODM services and products for retailers, traders and other partners in the global battery field.

All aspects are extremely professional, just to provide customers with the most accurate service. Although certain achievements have been made, NanFu is still making continuous improvements. We are committed to becoming your strongest and most reliable long-term partner.

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