After more than 30 years of wind and rain, how does NANFU Battery excel in the world with strength?
Jul 01, 2022

In the memory of many people born in the 80's and 90's, NANFU Battery can be said to accompany a generation of youth. With the familiar advertising slogan and the memorable red and black lightning logo, NANFU Battery has witnessed the replacement of technology such as ring-back machine, walkman, air conditioner and mobile phone, and has gradually become a household national brand.

More than 60 years passed in a twinkling.  From a small factory with 7 employees in the past to the fifth largest alkaline battery manufacturer in the world, the small factory has been constantly striving for self-improvement and has been at the forefront of sales in China for 28 consecutive years, shining on the domestic and international stage, standing at the top of the world as a Chinese national enterprise.

In October 1988, Nanfu Battery Co., LTD was established. In 1990, with the help of the leasing form and loan of China Foreign Trade leasing Company, NANFU Battery introduced the first Japanese Fuji LR6 alkaline zinc-manganese battery production line with more than 60 million yuan. In 1993, the first LR03 mercury-free alkaline high-energy zinc-manganese battery production line was introduced. Since then, NANFU Battery stepped into high-speed development period. In June 1998,NANFU Battery was hit by the worst flood in a century, with direct losses of over 100 million yuan. It only took 20 days for Nanfu to fully resume production. In 2014, NANFU Battery broke away from foreign investment and returned to the embrace of the motherland, bringing back the proud brand of the Chinese people.

From 2014 to 2019,NANFU Battery successively launched new products such as TENAVOLTS and Yiyuan batteries, and its alkaline battery series became "battery power products selected for China's Antarctic expedition", following Xuelong to the Antarctic Continent.

NANFU Battery grasps core technologies, adheres to independent research and development, and constantly pursues breakthroughs. In China, NANFU Battery has ranked first in alkaline battery sales for 29 consecutive years, and has developed more than 200 international advanced technological achievements in product innovation, equipment innovation, process innovation, packaging and decoration innovation. 6 of them have filled domestic gaps and reached the international advanced level, and each achievement is the progress of science and technology in the industry.

The reason why NANFU Battery has been recognized and trusted by the people is inseparable from the quality assurance of its products, as well as its concept of advancing with the times and constantly innovating to meet the needs of consumers. NANFU Battery is the only company in China with comprehensive electric research. NANFU Battery has more than 15 years of research in electrical appliances, and many years of research in Chinese consumer appliances has made the battery series developed by NANFU Battery more suitable for Chinese household appliances.

With the rise of China, the new world pattern is changing, and the fundamental way for the rejuvenation of the country and the nation is to create a number of world-class enterprises. Enterprises should take becoming bigger and stronger as their own duty, aiming at the world-class standards and constantly innovating, seizing opportunities and persevering in hard work, so that more and more national enterprises can go global.

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