Why do alkaline batteries Last? The reason why NANFU Battery have been selling for so many years has been found!
Oct 09, 2022

Dry batteries are one of the most common commodities in our daily life, although with the popularity of rechargeable lithium batteries in recent years, dry batteries seem to have taken a back seat. But as long as you observe carefully, you will find that there are still many electric appliances around are to use dry batteries, such as all kinds of remote controls, wireless mouse, electric toothbrush, children's toys and so on.

China's battery market was once dominated by carbon zinc batteries, but alkaline batteries have become the dominant force in the competition, replacing carbon zinc batteries because of their greater durability. So why do alkaline batteries last? Have you learned anything about this problem?

Compared with carbon zinc batteries, the electrode structure of alkaline batteries is opposite to that of carbon zinc batteries, which increases the relative area between positive and negative electrodes. And in alkaline batteries, the high conductivity of potassium hydroxide solution replaced ammonium chloride and zinc chloride solution, by the cathode zinc flake changed into granular, increases the negative reaction area, combined with the high performance of electrolytic manganese powder, so the performance can be greatly improved. In terms of capacity and discharge time, alkaline batteries of the same type is 3 ~ 7 times that of carbon zinc batteries.

In addition, alkaline batteries do not produce gas when discharging, while carbon zinc batteries will produce some gas when discharging. So the voltage of alkaline batteries is relatively stable. Alkaline batteries have very few fillers that are not involved in chemical reactions, so they can be made smaller. As a result, alkaline batteries are much more durable than carbon zinc batteries same size.

Alkaline batteries are suitable for continuous discharge of large current and demanding high working voltage, especially for cameras, flash lamps, shavers, electric toys, CD players, high-power remote controls and so on.

Just as you can't talk about your phone without talking about the iPhone, you can't talk about alkaline batteries without mentioning NANFU Battery. As a leading enterprise in the domestic battery industry, NANFU Battery plays an important role in China's battery industry. As early as 1990, NANFU Battery started the development of alkaline batteries and achieved great success.

At that time, the share of alkaline batteries in the domestic market had been occupied by foreign battery brands for a long time, and the price was generally high, so consumers had to switch to relatively cheap carbon zinc batteries. However, we know that carbon zinc batteries have a natural disadvantage in durability compared with alkaline batteries, and with the rise of pagers and other equipment, the voice of alkaline batteries with independent property rights in China is getting higher and higher.


It was in this context, NANFU Battery joint of a batch of domestic scholars and experts around the clock to make research and development, to overcome a series of technical difficulties, eventually made a breakthrough in alkaline battery research and development, and successfully began mass production in 1990. Since then, Chinese consumers have used indigenous alkaline batteries, and sales have skyrocketed, quickly eclipsing foreign battery brands. Under the pressure of cost and sales, foreign alkaline battery brands have withdrawn from China's market one after another, and the national enterprises represented by NANFU Battery have made a beautiful turnaround.

What is more admirable is that After the successful development of alkaline battery, NANFU Battery did not rest on its laurels, but continued to make great efforts to research and development, and constantly improve the core technology of the battery, so that its products are more durable and easy to use. At the beginning of 2020, NANFU Battery launched the latest version of the Power Ring III battery, which contains several major technological upgrades and has a 30% increase in power compared to the previous generation, setting a new benchmark for the alkaline battery industry. At present, Power Ring Ⅳ battery is under development. The spirit of innovation is the reason why NANFU Battery has been the top seller in the domestic alkaline battery market for many years.

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