What are the advantages of AA rechargeable lithium batteries over nickel-metal hydride batteries?
Jul 20, 2022

NANFU Battery's AA rechargeable lithium battery uses a 3.7V lithium-ion polymer cell and a smart chip control system to maintain a constant voltage of 1.5V throughout the battery. This type of rechargeable lithium battery is suitable for all kinds of electrical appliances with high current and high voltage requirements. For the reason that the power is too strong, it is not recommended to be used in low power consumption appliances such as remote control.

It is worth mentioning that many people have such a question: the capacity of this rechargeable lithium battery is only 750mAh, in capacity it is inferior to the 1900mAh nickel-metal hydride battery. Does this mean that rechargeable lithium batteries are not as durable as nickel-metal hydride batteries?

It makes no sense to compare the capacity of a rechargeable battery. Although the capacity of AA rechargeable lithium batteries is only 750mAh, its voltage is 3.7V, so its actual energy is capacity times voltage, with 2775mWh energy. As for the nickel-metal hydride battery, it has a capacity of 1900mAh, its voltage is only 1.2V, 1900 times 1.2 is 2280mWh, the actual energy is 2280mWh, inferior to 2775mWh rechargeable lithium battery.

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