NanFu Battery—The Best Alkaline Battery Supplier In China
Dec 16, 2021

Consumers want to buy good quality alkaline batteries, and marketers hope that their products have more advantages than others. As the best alkaline battery supplier, we have been focusing on R&D and manufacturing alkaline batteries for more than 30 years.

NanFu Battery is the only manufacturer in China that manufactures batteries from spare parts to final products. The key parts are 100% world-class equipment manufactured independently, and production lines and packaging lines are independently designed and developed. The various production lines and packaging lines independently developed by the company have the advantages of high automation, high production efficiency, fast speed, and few failures. All of which ensure that we can stably produce high-performance alkaline batteries.

NanFu has the largest and most advanced R&D center and post-doctoral research station in China, and has established a number of new energy research centers in cooperation with many key universities and research institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, forming a factory-learning-research technology innovation mechanism, a number of technical achievements have filled the domestic gap and reached the international advanced level. Therefore, we have strong enough research and development strength and technical advantages to become a world-class alkaline batteries manufacturer.

NanFu looks forward to cooperating with you. Providing you with first-class alkaline batteries of both quality and performance, and we are committed to becoming the strongest and most reliable long-term partner.

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