Why Is Your Battery Not Durable , How To Choose A Battery Supplier
Nov 19, 2021

The battery is not durable, the remote control batteries change frequently, the mouse sometimes become insensitive, and the child’s toy run slower than neighbor’s. Have you ever had a customer complaint like this? Do you know the reason? Maybe you didn’t choose a alkaline battery supplier.

AA and AAA batteries commonly used in households are divided into alkaline batteries and carbon batteries, but many people don’t know it. Of course, inappropriate batteries bring bad using feeling.

The difference between carbon batteries and alkaline batteries

There is no big difference in appearance between carbon batteries and alkaline batteries, but they are very different in battery material, structure and service time. Carbon batteries use natural manganese powder with lower purity, while alkaline batteries use electrolytic manganese powder with higher purity. Carbon batteries are prone to leakage because no steel case, but AA/AAA alkaline batteries avoid this problem.

How to teach customers to identify batteries?

Generally, the battery will indicate carbon or alkaline, just look carefully. If not, it needs to be identified by identification, carbon batteries is "R6/R03", and alkaline batteries is "LR6/LR03". In many cases, these two points can help us a lot. The use time of an ordinary alkaline battery is 4-6 times that of a carbon battery, and the price is only 1.5-2 times that of a carbon battery. Therefore, high-performance alkaline battery always is a better choice.

high-performance alkaline battery

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