Benefits of NanFu Alkaline Batteries
Jan 14, 2022

When choosing batteries for electrical appliances, many people prefer to choose alkaline batteries. This is mainly because not only do they last longer, but alkaline batteries are also more environmentally friendly. There are many benefits to using alkaline batteries, and in this article, we'll look at some of those.

Compared with ordinary dry batteries (also known as carbon-zinc dry batteries) in the past, alkaline batteries have the advantages of durability, large current flow, long storage life, and the shell is not easy to corrode. The potassium hydroxide in alkaline batteries is liquid, unlike ordinary dry batteries filled with solid paste, so the internal resistance is relatively small. In addition, the zinc in the alkaline battery participates in the reaction in the form of crumbs, and the contact area with the electrolyte is large, so the amount of current generated is 3 to 5 times larger than that of ordinary dry batteries of the same volume. Therefore, long-lasting alkaline batteries are more popular with customers.

NanFu alkaline batteries are suitable for all kinds of electrical appliances. As the battery selected for the national and South Pole scientific research projects, NanFu battery not only has a long-lasting power, but also discharges smoothly in a low temperature environment, with no leakage and reliable quality. As a versatile alkaline battery, it suitable for remote controls, clocks, electric toys, mice, calculators, flashlights, electronic scales, electric toothbrushes, Bluetooth headsets, digital audio, smart door locks and other types of electrical appliances.

NanFu is an advanced alkaline battery technology company in China, focusing on the field of small batteries, insisting on technology as the guide, product as the focus, and customer as the center. Provide customers with good quality, excellent performance and reasonable price of alkaline batteries for a long time.

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