Alkaline Battery Manufacturers in China [Top Manufacturers]
Feb 11, 2022

Batteries have become an inseparable part of our daily life. Daily electrical appliances such as remote controls, flashlights, alarm clocks, weight scales, smart door locks, etc. all use batteries. The amount of batteries consumed every year has been gradually increasing. Compared with carbon batteries, excellent alkaline batteries are more likely to be welcomed by customers.

excellent alkaline batteries

Alkaline batteries, also known as alkaline dry batteries, alkaline zinc-manganese batteries, and alkaline-manganese batteries, are the best-performing varieties in the series of zinc-manganese batteries. It is suitable for electrical appliances with large discharge capacity and long-term use. The internal resistance of the battery is low, so the current generated is larger than that of ordinary carbon batteries. Because these batteries do not contain mercury, they can be disposed of with household waste without deliberate recycling. In recent years, there have been more and more alkaline battery manufacturers, but NanFu, as the leader of alkaline batteries in China, has always survived and flourished in this market.

NanFu Battery is one of the leading top alkaline battery manufacturers in China, providing alkaline batteries to China and the world. At present, factory area is more than 2 million square feet, the company, with more than 2,000 employees and 20 alkaline production lines, can produce 3.3 billion alkaline batteries a year. It is the enterprise with the most modern equipment and the strongest scientific and technological strength in China's alkaline battery industry.

For over 60 years, NanFu has been driving innovation and improving battery performance to remain the world's preferred alkaline battery partner.

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