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Production Line Apr 21, 2023

NanFu has focused on the production of small batteries for decades and has built the world's leading automated, intelligent battery production line.

NanFu now has more than 20 mercury-free alkaline manganese battery production lines of 800 pcs/min and 600 pcs/min, with an annual production capacity of more than 4 billion pcs.

The company has a strong ability of independent research and development of alkaline battery production equipment. So far, it has developed more than 10 international top alkaline battery production lines, more than 10 various packaging production lines, more than 30 sets of various packaging equipment, and more than 40 sets of various battery accessories production equipment. There are dozens of equipment invention patents and utility model patents, and each achievement is the advancement of industry technology.

The self-developed high-speed alkaline battery production line won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award and the third prize of Fujian Science and Technology Award. NanFu has dozens of world-leading battery steel shell punching equipment worth millions, which can ensure the stable and reliable quality of each battery steel shell.

In addition to the high degree of automation, high production efficiency, high speed, and few failures, the various production lines independently developed by the company have also achieved informatization and intelligence, and are equipped with various informatization systems. The company uses online monitoring and CCD visual recognition methods to monitor quality control points on the production line and introduces MES system. Each product has its own QR code, which can trace the quality of the whole process to ensure that every battery provided to the customer is absolutely safe and reliable.

Leading automated, intelligent, and information-based battery production lines and production technologies ensure that NanFu can provide high-level OEM and ODM products and services to retailers, traders and other partners in the global battery field.

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