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Quality Assurance Oct 13, 2021

NanFu insists on taking quality as the foundation of enterprise survival, creating an automated, informatized intelligent manufacturing system, with Class 100,000 dust-free clean workshop, Automated production line, and introducing the MES system to achieve quality monitoring and quality review throughout the entire process, ensuring that every battery is safe and reliable.

In term of management system, NanFu has obtained certification of ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, and ISO 45001 occupational health system.

In terms of quality management method, NanFu has systematic and scientific quality management methods, processes and experience from customer requirements to customer satisfaction:

1. Product Technology: Project-oriented and process-oriented product development & design, Advanced Product Quality Planning(APQP), 0-1 & 1-N process execution and establishment, milestone evaluation, project summary evaluation and review.

2. Process Technology: process verification management flow, process change management flow.

3. Equipment Technology: equipment manufacturing design and development of matching process technology, improvement and optimization of matching quality.

4. Total Quality Management (TQM): Full participation, PFMEA , CTQ classification, quality control plan(CP), SPC, MSA, Minitab.

5. Customer Complaint Service Management Process: (Emergency response to customer complaints, analysis & identification & communication of customer needs)

6. Quality Improvement: Basing on(SIPOC, MES, BIG DATA, equipment manufacturing and Six Sigma) encourage the application of the Six Sigma DMAIC method in the project.

7. Supply Chain Management: external supply chain (supplier) management, internal supply chain (manufacturing workshop) management.

8. Process-oriented Quality Management & Control Plan

IQC: Classification of external raw materials, implementation of annual IQC control plan.

IPQC: Classification of technical parameters and quality indicators of semi-finished products in internal supply workshops, implementation of annual IPQC control plans.

OQC: Perform regular quality index inspection items and special quality index inspection items according to customer product specifications. Support customer on-site second-party and third-party inspections. Keep samples of the products ordered by the customer until the validity period of the delivered products.

Product key quality control index monitoring plan, including routine monitoring plan and temporary increase plan.

NanFu adopts advanced equipment, scientific management, authoritative certification, systematic planning, strict execution, super-strong battery manufacturing refined management technology, with quality management process and experience from customer needs to customer satisfaction, which ensure that NanFu can continuously providing customers with stable, high-quality and good products.

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