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R&D Apr 21, 2023

NanFu R&D Center was founded in 1996, after more than 20 years of development, it has became as post-doctoral scientific and technological research workstation, a nationally recognized enterprise technology center and a national intellectual property demonstration unit. In addition, NanFu has the China's most advanced R&D equipment and R&D system.

At present, NanFu Battery R&D Center has 271 high-level R&D personnel in more than ten professional fields, including electrochemistry, analytical chemistry, mechanical automation, materials, electronics, and software design, among which 34 have senior titles.

NanFu R&D Center has 3,179.32 square meters laboratory area. It has built a variety of the most systematic and advanced laboratories, such as alkaline battery laboratory, lithium manganese battery laboratory, lithium battery product laboratory, 1.5V lithium rechargeable battery laboratory, 3C product laboratory and manufacturing equipment research laboratory, etc.

NanFu R&D Center has successively developed more than 200 scientific and technological achievements of international advanced level in product innovation, equipment innovation, process innovation, packaging and decoration innovation, and obtained 406 patents. NanFu has established many new energy research centers in cooperation with National Key Universities and the Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and formed a scientific research innovation mechanism. 10 technological achievements have filled the domestic gap and reached the international advanced level.

Among them, "High-energy Mercury-free alkaline manganese battery equipment" won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, "Alkaline battery steel shell deep hole nickel plating process" won the third prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, "LR6 Mercury-free alkaline battery" won first prize of Excellent New Product of China Light Industry Council, "NR6 high power nickel dry battery" won the second prize of National Staff Technological Innovation Achievement Award & first prize of Excellent New Product of Fujian Province, "High-energy Mercury-free alkaline manganese battery equipment and raw material development" won the Excellent Project Award of National Technological Innovation, and also undertook National Technological Innovation Projects, "New generation nylon seal alkaline manganese battery" won the National Key New Product, "Lithium-ion battery development" undertook the National Torch Program Project, "FR6 lithium-iron Disulfide battery" won the second prize of Fujian Province Patent, "CLR6 lithium rechargeable battery" won the Innovative Product Award of America CES Electronics Show.

NanFu closely follows industrial development and scientific & technological planning, persists on building a key laboratory with world-class technology, and relies on key laboratories to develop a world-class battery R&D team. NanFu has established a technological innovation system that takes science and technology as the forerunner, product as the core, and customer as the center, continuously improving the company's core competitiveness, strengthening the technological innovation's dominant position in company, and providing customers with better products and services.

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