“Unicorn” in the Field of Digital Economy Apr 08, 2021

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the Eleventh Plenary Session of the Tenth Provincial Committee and the Economic Work Conference of the Provincial Committee, build a national digital economy innovation and development pilot zone from a high starting point, and in-depth implementation of the special action of "cultivating excellence and supporting the strong". In accordance with the procedures of enterprise application, unit recommendation, and institution verification, the Fujian Province Digital Office has completed the selection of innovative enterprises. In addition, it announced the shortlist of 2021 Fujian Province digital economy "unicorn", future "unicorn", "gazelles" innovative companies.

There are a total of 295 companies, of which only six are unicorn companies, and NanFu has successfully become one of the "unicorn" companies. NanFu will take up corresponding responsibilities and make contributions to the field of digital economy.

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