Milestones of China Battery Steel Shell Project Nov 01, 2021

Battery steel shells have high requirements for technical content, added value, and quality, and are known as the finest products among cold-rolled products. In order to conquer this technology, NanFu and Baosteel established a strategic cooperation project and a joint working group to innovate the previous technological process and independently developed a brand-new steel grade and consistent manufacturing process technology.

Steel Shell Technology Innovation Project Team

On October 22, the milestone meeting of the NanFu-Baosteel battery steel strategic cooperation project was held in the conference hall of the R&D Center of Nanfu Company. The company's deputy general manager Wang Xiaofei, Baosteel Lurong Integration Chairman Yuan Huan, Baosteel Cold Plate Department Director Fu Yanan, Baosteel Research Institute Chief Engineer Ban Bijun and members of the project joint working group attended the meeting. Liu Shenglin, the company's strategic procurement expert and Nanfu battery steel localization project manager, presided over the meeting and made relevant reports.

NanFu-Baosteel promoted the co-construction and sharing of industry enterprises through supply-side reforms, further reduced costs, gave back to the market and consumers, and jointly entered the international market. After the meeting, the company's deputy general manager Wang Xiaofei and Baosteel Lurong Integration Chairman Yuan Huan presented awards to the project joint working group and visited the workshop of NanFu Company.

The success of the NanFu-Baosteel China battery steel strategic cooperation project has ensured the safety of the NanFu battery industry supply chain, strongly supported the take-off of the national battery industry, and strengthened the horizontal cooperation of domestic enterprises.

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