Leading the world in performance, topping the world height with Chinese speed! Energy Ring Generation 4 High Speed Rail Title Train Departed Successfully Mar 15, 2023

On the morning of February 24, the G112 train, named by Nanfu Battery,was officially debuted from Shanghai Hongqiao, setting off a powerful energy storm in the north and south of the Yangtze River at the speed of China, galloping out the brand acceleration of exclusive Nanfu battery.

The China High Speed Railway has always been a 'mobile business card' created by China. Now it will deliver the brand voice of Nanfu Battery at a speed of 350km/h, delivering the spirit of powerful 4th generation of the Energy Ring product to every passenger.

Nanfu Battery is an enterprise with strong scientific and technological power in the field of alkaline batteries, focusing on small batteries, insisting on technology as the forerunner, product as the focus and customer as the centre of attention, and leading sales for 30 consecutive years.

The newly upgraded Energy Ring 4 generation, setting a new record for durability, leading the world in performance and truly becoming the most durable alkaline battery in the world.

With the influence of China's high-speed railway 'national calling card', the Energy Ring 4 generation will continue to enhance the popularity of Nanfu Battery, spread the advantage of 'super durability and true endurance' to the world.

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