Customized Soft Pack Battery

  • Flexible Customization and Rapid Development
  • Excellent High-rate Performance, Support 30C Discharge
  • Working in Low Temperature Environment, -40℃ Discharge Capacity Retention Rate is Greater Than 85%
  • Good Sealing Performance in Soft Pack Battery
  • Application:Rechargeable Lithium, Outdoor Power Supply, Smart Lock, E-cigarette,  Emergency Start Power

Our soft-pack batteries are packaged with aluminum-plastic film, which has better safety performance. It can be specially customized according to the customer's model requirements, and has the characteristics of flexible design. In addition, soft-pack batteries have good electrochemical performance, low self-discharge and long cycle life, and are gradually being favored by customers.

Product Performance:


 Cut-of Voltage

Discharge Rate Max(C)

Charging Rate Max(C)
Cycle Life


Thickness (mm)
Working Temperature Range (℃)
4.2 750 2.0 1.0 500 43 13 /
4.2 2000 2.0 0.2 500 85 60 4.5 -20〜40
4.2 2000 30.0 5.0 500 85 60 4.5 -20〜60
4.2 3000 30.0 5.0 500 115 60 4.5 -20〜60
8.4 5000 1.0 0.5 300 102 60 18 -20〜60
*Test data from NanFu laboratory

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Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.