The Long-lasting Battery Protects the Climber to Challenge Gangska Snow Peak Jul 23, 2021

Gangshika Snow Peak, 5254.5 meters above sea level, is covered with snow all year round. It is the first mountain in Menyuan and the highest peak in the eastern section of the Qilian Mountains. The organizer of the event, Sohu Chairman Zhang Chaoyang, said that this event has a certain degree of technical difficulty and is very interesting.

The low temperature and low oxygen environment is not only a great test for climbers, but also puts forward more stringent requirements on the performance of accompanying equipment. The Sohu Mountaineering Team chose NanFu because NanFu batteries are high-performance batteries that have withstood the test of extreme environments.

In 2018, NanFu Battery took part in the polar scientific expedition with the "Xuelong" of the China Polar Research Center, and was awarded the honorary title of "Selected Products for China's Antarctic and Arctic Expeditions". It is the only battery-powered product used in the polar scientific expedition. It can still maintain high performance in extreme environments such as ultra-low temperature, and will last for climbers to challenge the snowy mountain of Gangshika.