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R&D Oct 13, 2021

Nanfu R&D Center

NanFu R&D Center was founded in 1996, after more than 20 years of development, it has became as post-doctoral scientific and technological research workstation, a nationally recognized enterprise technology center and a national intellectual property demonstration unit. In addition, NanFu has the China's most advanced R&D equipment and R&D system.

At present, NanFu Battery R&D Center has 271 high-level R&D personnel in more than ten professional fields, including electrochemistry, analytical chemistry, mechanical automation, materials, electronics, and software design, among which 34 have senior titles.

NanFu R&D Center has 3,179.32 square meters laboratory area. It has built a variety of the most systematic and advanced laboratories, such as alkaline battery laboratory, lithium manganese battery laboratory, lithium battery product laboratory, 1.5V lithium rechargeable battery laboratory, 3C product laboratory and manufacturing equipment research laboratory, etc.